by Christin Brewer, Shay Haynes, Lisa Koscheyeva, Abigail Linderman, and Capra Lockridge

Having lived a previously idyllic life, the death of a classmate sends shockwaves down 17 year old Mara’s spine. Abnormal and unearthly behavior from her peers lead her on a slightly obsessive mission, straying away from her normal veil of innocence. Can Mara discover the truth behind this so-called suicde before someone stops her dead in her tracks?

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by Ameer El Fallah, Josiah Toone, Jonah Towey, and Hayden Williams

Once upon a time, there were some dudes. These dudes were on a hyperbolic, exaggerated, and fantastical journey. Our protagonists venture into the unknown wonders of their teacher’s workspace where they must change their grade for their film project in theatre class. They travel across the grounds of Pain Spark looking for people to help them execute their plan. All the while, they are brainstorming ideas for how to complete the mission; some good, some bad, some… interesting. Will these overconfident protagonists with imaginary anime superpowers be able to save their GPAs from plummeting to their doom? Join us to find out if these awesome dudes will accomplish their common goal!

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