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Life backstage (and a few more onstage)

Audrey makeup design by Sapir Blain
Deeds Not Words backstage
Costume design, Arabian Nights
Alex and Leah DeBerry in Midsummer
Ryan Johnson as Little John
Midsummer faeries
RRES visits Martin Thurber!
The cast of Deeds Not Words
Amelia the Brave
Something's Afoot
PALS mask
PALS badge cap
ATL Fringe 2016
Backstage for Elephant's Graveyard
Edinburgh Fringe!
Martin Thurber, Boy Wonder (2016)
Something's Afoot
R&H's Cinderella (2016)
The Catwalk
Elephant's Graveyard
Arabian Nights (2015)
Arabian Nights (2015)
The Gloops, Wonka
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