February 27, 7pm

February 28, 7pm

February 29, 2pm & 7pm

March 1, 2pm

Tickets: $5 students, $10 adults


A youthful braggart, idler, brawler, and dreamer, Peer Gynt is a ragged, lying outcast from village life, the joy and despair of Aase, his mother. After stealing a bride from her unwelcome groom, only to abandon her the next day, he flees from his village and sets off on an adventure of self-discovery. 

What does it mean to be oneself? How do our choices define us? How are we defined by others, and how can we shape our lives to realize our full potential? Whose dreams are we dreaming- ours, or those that others would have us dream? PEER GYNT shows us the folly in avoiding responsibilities, illustrates the dissatisfaction inherent in worldly pursuits, and argues for the redemptive power of love.